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Did you know?

A current registered valuation is more precise, up to date and accurate than a rating/government valuation and carries more weight in all circumstances.


Welcome to Hutchins and Dick - Valuation & Property

Real estate in New Zealand is a prime vehicle for investment, and the core of any investment is knowledge of what that parcel of property is worth.

Since 1980, Hutchins & Dick has helped thousands of clients throughout New Zealand achieve their property and investment goals in the rural, commercial, industrial & residential sectors.   

While some clients have had to engage us "because the bank said so", most however, call on us out of choice because they trust our services and appreciate our independence and expertise.

We invite you to find out how we can help you by viewing this site. You'll see that our focus is on being an innovative provider of property services.

Featured Case Studies   Farm acquisition and disposal

We were engaged by a retiring farmer to establish the market value for his dairy farm for private sale to a neighbour.